"under the orange tree" 

Bohemia, USA, July 2012 (p)

"The Aniversary Dinner" 

Bohemia, USA, December 2012 (f)



Every Day Fiction, Canada, February 2013 (f)

"I cage him" 

Bohemia, USA, May 2013 (p)

"and Lancelot mused"

Bohemia, USA, December 2013 (p)

"we should all live like the atomic bomb"

The Kitchen Poet, USA, December 2013 (p)

"behold, a son of Revolution!" 

Milk and Hiney Siren, USA, December 2013 (p)


Collaboration with artist Kristy Lovich: 

Meet me in the day room. They are playing your favorite movie.

Cielo Galleries & Studios, Los Angeles

january 2014

"we should all live like the atomic bomb"  

Voicemail Poems, USA, January 2014 (p)

"I dream sometimes of sending the Moon back" 

Literary Orphans, USA, January 2014 (p)

"spontaneously combusting at the wonder of it all"

Literary Orphans, USA, January 2014 (p)

"new religion"

The Camel Saloon, USA, January 2014 (p)

"your heart would have looked beautiful in writing"  

Behoemia, USA, June 2014 (p)

"love without" 

Bohemia, USA, June 2014 (p)

"to the homeless vet in Republic Square Park"

Eunoia Review, Singapore, June 2013 (p)

"at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport"

Red River Review, USA, August 2014 (p)

"The Lottery"

Every day Fiction, Canada, September 2014 (f)